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At Collonaire Construction Limited, we believe that everything stunning starts with an informed design. Our qualified staff using latest design tools guarantees a quality result.

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We do building and construction of a wide range of infrastructure. From a single roomed house to high-rise buildings; from a ten metre road to hundreds of kilometres.

renovations & repair

Nothing lasts forever, at least not with the same feel and look! Bring your old and damaged infrastructure back to life!


We service roads, buildings and utility equipment etc. Talk to us Today!

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Our work is based on values that we embrace all the time


To be a market leader in the supply and construction industry by providing enhanced services and customer relations.


We value our clients and strive to treat them with utmost respect. 

 We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business activities.


To improve the company to the next level-double the number of clients, further build trust and faith of our clients in us. Expand our services to all parts of the country and the East Africa region. 

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Projects SUMMARY

The following are the recent  projects we have undetaken:

EntryClient / SiteShort DescriptionPeriodCostStatus
1KERRA KAKAMEGAGrading and Murraming of Ex-DC-Nyorits-Mtoni Police Lugulu RoadMarch 20192,795,445Completed
2UTAWALAConstruction of 4-bed room residential houseMarch 20198,455,000Completed
3MAVOKO AREAConstruction of a Residential HouseMarch 2019-Ongoing
4KIPSANGUI PRIMARY SCHOOLConstruction of 2 classroomsSeptember 2018-Completed
5MAFUNGU PRIMARY SCHOOLConstruction of 2 classroomsSeptember 20181,400,000Ongoing
6MAFUNGU PRIMARY SCHOOLConstruction of 4 classroomsMarch 20192,800,000Completed
7ST. BENEDICT LUGULU SEC. SCHOOLConstruction of a Dining HallNovember 20183,245,158Ongoing
8HOLY CROSS SEC. SCHOOLConstruction of a kitchen and 4-door latrineAugust 2018-Completed
9ST. MICHAEL PRY. SCHOOLConstruction of 4 -door LatrineSeptember 2018-Completed

Our projects In pictures

Our amazing projects in pictures


Behind our amazing and top quality work are our able team. Say hello!

Business Management Officer

David Kisache

He is in charge of company business, looking for new projects and maintains relations with existing clients. He heads all departmental meetings and represents the company before the clients.
Phone: 0700 292 822
Company secretary

Nicholas Simiyu

Nicholas is in charge of public relations. His roles are arbitration, conflict resolution and ensuring cohesion among the team. He takes charge on all office work and documentation for the company.
Phone: 0714 693 274
Site manager

Anthony Obwari

He is in charge of all site operations, overseeing delivery and usage of materials. He is also in charge of site workers, links the client engineer and the site project supervisor.
Phone: 0795 444 322